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The roots of Personal Ministries within the Seventh-day AdventistĀ® church extend back to the movement's inception in the 1860s. This facet aims to ignite, empower, educate, and rally all members for active Christian engagement. It firmly believes in the words, "The church of Christ is organized for service" (Ministry of Healing, p. 148), and underscores the call for every individual to embrace their role as a missionary, serving both God and humanity.


The mission of Personal Ministries is to provide resources and train church members to unite their efforts with the ministry and church officers in the final proclamation of the gospel of salvation in Christ. The aim of the department is to enlist every member in active soul-winning service for God.

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Throughout its history, the Personal Ministries Department of the local church has focused on specific soul-winning techniques. These methods include:

  • Engaging in door-to-door evangelism
  • Distributing literature
  • Conducting Bible studies
  • Orchestrating community service programs like the Dorcas Society
  • Managing the annual ingathering campaign
  • Overseeing correspondence Bible school operations
  • Collaborating with the Sabbath School Department to organize classes
  • Assisting the local church pastor in planning and promoting small group ministries.

Workshop Resources

The following resources are provided to participants at the Personal Ministries Workshop held at Balandra on Nov 17-19, 2023 

Workshop Booklet

Program Booklet ( PDF )

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