Cariri Nation Summer Programme

Department: Public Notice | Posted:15 June 2024

Join CARIRI’s exciting online training program in collaboration with our partners, we aim to train 3500 students through our convenient and accessible online classes. Earn a certificate of participation upon completion of the courses and evaluation. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and unlock new opportunities. For inquiries call 299-0210 or email Register now for a brighter future!


Free Financial Planning Seminars

Department: Public Notice | Posted:31 May 2024

The LoveUntil Foundation is committed to improving their community in Laventille, Trinidad and Tobago and beyond. The foundation seeks to enhance lives physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Get in touch with them and be a part of their free Financial Planning Seminars.

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Stewardship Ministries

Department: Sabbath School | Posted:20 March 2024

SCC Stewardship Ministries presents its Stewardship Certification program. Download poster for all information


Calendar of Events 2024

Department: Communications | Posted:3 January 2024

We invite to all constituents to download the official 2024 calendar of events. Stay informed about upcoming activities.


Nehemiah Project

Department: Administration | Posted:12 October 2023

We've created a page for the Nehemiah project. Get information on giving and follow its progress. Visit the Nehemiah Project page or use the link below for letter from the conference office.

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Public Campus Ministries

Department: Adventist Chaplaincy & Public Campus Ministries | Posted:15 September 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Public Campus Ministries (PCM) data gathering initiative in the South Caribbean Conference! PCM, in collaboration with Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries (ACM) is geared towards providing support to Seventh-day Adventists attending non-Adventist public tertiary institutions. Visit our page for all the details.

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Health Resource Flash Drive

Department: Health Ministries | Posted:10 May 2023

Church Health Ministries Personnel, Individuals and other interested persons are invited to visit the South Caribbean Conference Office to purchase a copy of the 32G Health Resource Flash Drive. This Flash Drive has been prepared to assist in the health education/evangelism programmes of the church. This drives consists of approximately 420 documents, power-point presentations, health videos, nuggets, sermons and other related material. The flash drive is available at a minor cost of $100.00 per unit.

Uzima Plant based cookbook for sale

Department: Health Ministries | Posted:9 May 2023

We still have available for purchase, copies of the Eat for Optimal Health Vegetarian Cookbook written by Uzima Lifestyle Director, Dr. Janice Emanuel McLean, PhD, Nd. The cookbook is available for a minor cost of $180.00 per copy. Your purchase will greatly assist the Uzima Lifestyle Team to fund one of their major health education programmes.

Deed of Covenant Update

Department: Administration | Posted:10 April 2023

Guidelines for Deed of Covenant for the year 2023 ( Will be posted soon )


Strategic plan outline

Department: Secretariat | Posted:22 April 2017

Members are invited to download and peruse the conference's strategic plan as approved and voted on by the conference committee.


City of Port of Spain Towing Notice

Department: Public Notice | Posted:22 May 2024

Towing activities will resume in Port-of-Spain on May 29th, 2024.  Parking illegally at street corners, pedestrian crossings, fire hydrants, bus stops, taxi stands and gateways will result in vehicles being towed. Towed vehicles can be retrieved from the impound lot located on Dock Road off Wrightson Road.  The release fee is $500TT plus an additional fee of $200TT for each day or part thereof during which the vehicle is kept in custody. The public may contact the City Police Service 24 hours a day at 299-0870 ext. 4 regarding any queries. 
By Order Victoria C. Allum Chief Executive Officer (Ag.)