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Empowering Wellness, a transformative Health Ministries program

Published | 1 February 2024

The theme of the program was 'Health Ministries, our past, our present, our future'. Attendees were treated to a comprehensive experience that went beyond health-centric ...

Empowering Wellness, a transformative Health Ministries program

The South Caribbean Conference's Health Ministries program held its Health Ministries Workshop from January 19-21, 2024 at the Camp Balandra facility and from all reports was a resounding success. Despite providing accommodations for approximately 96 individuals, the program drew an enthusiastic crowd of over 140 attendees over the weekend event.

Sister Victoria Decoteau, the Health Ministries Director, was effusive in her praise, describing the program as "excellent." The theme of the program was 'Health Ministries, our past, our present, our future'. Attendees were treated to a comprehensive experience that went beyond health-centric discussions, delving into the intersection of spirituality and its impact on various healing modalities.

One significant aspect addressed was the understanding of medical missionary work. Dr. Nash's presentation clarified complexities, creating a deeper appreciation among attendees for the collaborative potential of medical professionals. This illuminated a path where both entities could work harmoniously, qualifying positive approaches to healing.

Pastor Marshall injected vitality into the History of the Health Ministry in the Adventist Church, turning what could be a mundane topic into an "exciting but also very informative" presentation. Attendees gained a profound appreciation for the church's health message and its collaborative role with other ministries.

The devotional segment by Dr. Andy Manzano challenged the misconception that adherence to the NEW START plan guaranteed immunity from illness. Sister Decoteau shared that Dr. Manzano's presentation "helped people to understand that people can still get sick even when following the NEW START plan. He explained and showed persons that this program does not guarantee health and sickness does not mean that you're being punished by God." This segment encouraged a healthier perspective on well-being.

The program also tackled the issue of food contamination, urging attendees to make informed choices about what they eat. Emphasizing God's health principles, participants learned how to face sickness with a clear conscience by following these guidelines.

Hands-on experiences were integral to the program, with 56 individuals participating in a CPR session, and many others undergoing free eye testing. A massage session left one participant gleefully showcasing newfound neck flexibility after the treatment.

Hydrotherapy and a segment on the spiritual and mental benefits of foot washing took centre stage, providing attendees with natural ways to combat health issues using water.

Sis Nicole Shallow, Health Ministries assistant, highlighted the infectious enthusiasm generated by the weekend's theme song 'On the Banks of the Promise Land' . Describing it as a "road march,it was so amazing! They sang it with such, as the old people say, Gusto. They sang it well and it made people hopeful. The song gave hope that, when all of this work is done, we're going home". 

The program concluded by forming zonal health teams, signalling a more organized and collaborative approach within the Conference. Sister Victoria Decoteau underscored the importance of this shift in organizational structure to enhance the impact of Health Ministries within our Conference.

The program wasn't just a gathering; it was a transformative journey toward holistic wellness. Attendees left informed, inspired, and connected within a supportive community, marking a significant step toward optimal health and a better future. All resources from this and other programs can be found on the Health Ministries Page.

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