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Empowering Adventist communicators; SCC communications training program

Published | 29 March 2024

More than 150 Church Communications professionals, team members and volunteers converged from March 10-12, 2024, at Camp Balandra, Trinidad, for an inspiring and enlightening

Empowering Adventist communicators; SCC communications training program

More than 150 Church Communications professionals, team members and volunteers converged from March 10-12, 2024, at Camp Balandra, Trinidad, for an inspiring and enlightening training program organized by the Conference's Communication Department. The event served as a platform for learning, discussion, and collaboration among individuals dedicated to advancing the Gospel through effective communication strategies.

A lineup of distinguished presenters guided participants through a diverse range of topics aimed at enhancing their skills and understanding of the vital role communication plays in spreading the message of hope. Among the speakers were Petra Pierre-Robertson, author and librarian; Sheldon Moore, Associate Communications Director of the South Caribbean Conference; Kivonne Ramsawak, a filmmaker and Director who also serves as the First Elder of the Five Rivers congregation; Stephan De Shong, a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in film and audio-visual production; and Pastor Ian D. Morris, Pioneer Couva District Pastor; Connell Byron Hunte, webmaster of the Conference and Computing Lecturer at the University of the Southern Caribbean and
Pastor Royston Philbert, Communications Director of the Caribbean Union Conference.

Balandra has become the main venue for weekend Departmental events and the Communication Department was no different. However, many participants and presenters spent most of the weekend at the campground.  Pastor Philbert must be commended for being present for the entire weekend program.

Throughout the program, attendees were encouraged to embrace the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age in communicating the Gospel message. President of the Conference, Pastor Leslie Moses, emphasized the need for church communication leaders to shape the future by leveraging all available resources for the advancement of the Three Angels Message. Echoing this sentiment, Pastor Eddison Williams, newly appointed Communication Director of the Conference, urged leaders to understand their roles within the church and to embrace fresh opportunities for local advancement.

The training sessions delved into various aspects of effective communication, including the use of technology in worship services, the role of Adventist communication in inspiring individuals to deepen their connection with Jesus and the importance of adhering to Seventh-day Adventist identity standards. Presenters underscored the significance of adapting to the evolving communication landscape while remaining faithful to the core principles of the Seventh-day Adventist faith.

Participants engaged in interactive discussions and practical demonstrations aimed at equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their roles. They explored topics such as copyright and trademark issues, intellectual property laws, and strategies for engaging younger generations through social media platforms, News and Information: Identifying and Sharing Stories, Roles and Responsibilities of the Communication Leader and The Use of Technology in the Worship Service and a presentation on Church Identity which arguably was the most engaging presentation of the weekend as many learnt of the now standard identity guidelines for the Adventist Church.

As the three-day program drew to a close, attendees expressed their appreciation for the enriching experience and their commitment to continuing the mission of sharing hope in their communities. The event concluded with a solemn commitment and consecration service led by Pastor Ian Morris, reinforcing the dedication of mission-minded professionals to serve God through their talents and abilities.

The Communication Department's program exemplified a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and dedication to advancing the Gospel message through effective communication. That many of the participants were young persons, it augers well for the Church that the work of Communication is in good hands. Let us keep the youths involved in this ministry in our prayers.  As communicators of all ages continue to adapt and evolve in response to changing times, their commitment to spreading hope remains unwavering, ensuring that the light of truth shines brightly in the South Caribbean Conference and beyond.

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